Keto gruyere cheese & bacon omelette

I was shopping around and ended up with some Cretan Graviera / Cretan Gruyere cheese; tasted it... oh, what a rich taste & aroma! How should I use it is a recipe? Well, I just made an amazing omelette using bacon & the gruyere cheese. You may of course use any kind of gruyere cheese you have. Enjoy!

Keto gruyere cheese & bacon omelette
5 min
10 min

Nutrition facts

Energy: 671 kcal
Protein: 38.1 gr
Fat: 56.5 gr
Net carbs: 0.9 gr


2 bacon slice(s) (56 gr)

0.5 tbsp(s) olive oil (7 gr)

2 large egg(s) (100 gr)

1 tbsp(s) water (15 gr)

salt (to taste)

ground black pepper (to taste)

60 gr gruyere cheese


  1. Place a non-stick pan over medium-high heat
  2. Chop the bacon and add in the pan
  3. Saute the bacon for 4 minutes, until slightly crispy
  4. When done, remove from the pan and set aside
  5. Add the olive oil in the pan and place back over medium-high heat
  6. In a bowl, whisk the eggs along with a bit of water, salt & pepper (to taste)
    • You may use milk instead of water
  7. Pour the mixture into the heated pan
  8. Add the sauteed bacon on top
  9. Cut the gruyere cheese into slices and add on top too
  10. Using a wooden spoon or a spatula, scrape the omelette around, so the uncooked egg will fall into the scraped "gaps"
  11. Keep scraping the omelette, until there is almost no runny egg on top
  12. Flip the omelette and let it cook for 1-2 more minutes


Serving size: 2-eggs omelette

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