Keto sauteed asparagus & shrimps

I had some leftover garlicky shrimps and decided to try combining them the next day with sauteed asparagus. I simply added the shrimps in the skillet with the asparagus at the last minute, literally. Their combination turned out amazing! And I prepared this delicious meal in just 10 minutes!

Keto sauteed asparagus & shrimps
15 min
13 min

Nutrition facts

Energy: 445 kcal
Protein: 48.2 gr
Fat: 24.4 gr
Net carbs: 5.5 gr



200 gr asparagus, trimmed

1 tbsp(s) olive oil (14 gr)

salt (to taste)

ground black pepper (to taste)


450 gr frozen raw shrimps, peeled & deveined

2 clove(s) of garlic (6 gr)

2 tbsp(s) olive oil (27 gr)

salt (to taste)

ground black pepper (to taste)

0.5 lemon(s) juiced (24 gr)


  1. Defrost the shrimps, by placing them in a bowl of water for 10 minutes and
  2. Prepare the asparagus, during this time


  1. Chop the asparagus spears to fit your skillet
  2. Bring a non-stick skillet of water to boil, add the spears and blanch them for 1-2 minutes
  3. Remove spears from the skillet and let them aside on a towel to dry
  4. Empty the water from the skillet, dry it with a paper towel, add the olive oil and put it back on medium heat
  5. When oil is heated, add the asparagus, and season with salt & pepper (to taste)
  6. Use a wooden spoon to saute and stir for 5 minutes, until softly crunchy or until they reach your desired softness
  7. Remove the asparagus from skillet and set aside


  1. Dry the defrosted shrimps with a towel and season with salt & pepper
  2. Peel and chop the garlic
  3. Place the skillet back on medium heat, add the olive oil & the chopped garlic and stir with a wooden spoon
  4. When garlic begins to sizzle, add the shrimps
  5. Let them cook for 2-3 minutes (depending on the size of the shrimps) on each side, until they turn pink
    • use a fork or tongs to flip them

Let's put together the dish

  1. Remove the skillet from heat and add in the asparagus & lemon juice
  2. Stir so that the shrimps & asparagus are well combined
  3. Put back on heat for 1 more minute, so that the ingredients simmer in the lemon juice
  4. Remove from skillet, place on a serving dish and serve while still hot


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