Vegan keto raw zucchini & avocado cold soup

Cool, but also spicy. Tangy, but also mild. Buttery, but also healthy... all these seemingly contradictory characteristics in one tasteful creamy soup. Made with zucchini, avocado, lemon juice and chili, this soup will satisfy even the most demanding taste buds!

Vegan keto raw zucchini & avocado cold soup
5 min
0 min

Nutrition facts

Energy: 272 kcal
Protein: 4.0 gr
Fat: 26.1 gr
Net carbs: 4.2 gr


Blend ingredients

240 gr zucchini(s)

1 avocado(s) (201 gr)

3 tbsp(s) lemon juice (46 gr)


salt (to taste)

ground black pepper (to taste)

chili powder (to taste)


3 tbsp(s) olive oil (41 gr)

0.25 tbsp(s) fresh oregano, chopped (1 gr)

Garnish - Optional

1.5 tbsp(s) hemp seeds (15 gr)


  1. Cut the zucchini(s) & avocado(s) into chunks and place them in a food processor
  2. Add the lemon juice, salt, pepper & chili powder (to taste) and process for 1-2 minutes, until you get a smooth mixture
  3. Now, start adding small amounts of water in your food processor and process again. Check the smoothness of your mixture
    • Keep adding a bit of water and processing, until the mixture reaches your desired smoothness
  4. Taste the mixture, add more salt, pepper and/or chili powder, if needed, and stir
  5. Pour the mixture into 3 bowls
  6. Garnish with 1 tablespoon of olive oil per serving & some fresh oregano
  7. Optional: mix half tablespoon of hemp seeds in each bowl to increase the protein intake
    • Or a rich-protein ingredient of your choice
  8. Serve cold


✔ You may serve with keto croutons (search for our low carb recipes!)

Serving size: 1 bowl (out of 3)

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