Vegetarian keto beets & cream cheese "sandwich"

This recipe combines beet slices with cream cheese in a "sandwich" layout. Such a perfect snack! Such a simple dish! Such an incredible party treat! And... so amazingly delicious!

Vegetarian keto beets & cream cheese "sandwich"
5 min
0 min

Nutrition facts

Energy: 61 kcal
Protein: 1.2 gr
Fat: 5.0 gr
Net carbs: 2.6 gr


1 cup(s) sliced canned beets, drained (170 gr)

5 tbsp(s) cream cheese (73 gr)


  1. Place a beet slice* on a serving dish
  2. Top with cream cheese
  3. Repeat, until you have a "sandwich" of 4 beet slices with 1 tablespoon of cream cheese in between


✔ *1 cup of sliced beets = about 20 slices

Serving size: 1 "sandwich"

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