Vegetarian keto tomatoes & mozzarella platter

This is the perfect dish for a snack, salad or starter. It's prepared in minutes, it's full of protein & fats, while it only contains about 2gr of net carbs. It's simply prepared with fresh tomatoes, fresh mozzarella & olive oil - I used Greek virgin olive oil. Enjoy!

Vegetarian keto tomatoes & mozzarella platter
2 min
0 min

Nutrition facts

Energy: 198 kcal
Protein: 9.6 gr
Fat: 15.4 gr
Net carbs: 2.2 gr


15 tomato slice(s) (225 gr)

150 gr fresh mozzarella - regular or vegetarian

1 tbsp(s) olive oil (14 gr)


salt (to taste)

1 tsp(s) dried ground oregano (2 gr)

Garnish - Optional

fresh basil leaves


  1. Cut tomato(es) & fresh mozzarella into 15 slices and lay them on 3 serving dish(es)
    • Preferably use classic tomatoes
  2. Season with a bit of salt
  3. Sprinkle a teaspoon of olive oil per serving
  4. Season with a bit of salt & oregano & optionally garnish with some fresh basil leaves


Serving size: 1/3 of the salad

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